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AI/ML and Location-Based Technology

Location-based technology allows for the use and analysis of space, time, and geography in order to make an educated guess about a device’s current and even future whereabouts. Like most things, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of technology.

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The Talking Dead: A Gateway to Scams?

Scams by text and email, as well as data breaches, have become a regular part of our daily lives. Often, we make ourselves vulnerable by sharing personal information. Whether it is for shopping online or home automation, we open ourselves up to vulnerabilities on a regular basis. In June, Amazon announced a project that, while may be well-intentioned, may present yet another way for people to be taken advantage of.

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The Art of AI

This time of year is a point of transition, where the beauty of spring grows into the blazing heat of summer. So, I tend to find activities that will get me away from the heat of a Georgia summer. One thing that helps me get my steps in and stay out of the heat is going to art galleries. Having spent some time studying art, I always find it fascinating to put myself in the artwork and into the artist’s perspective. A swarm of questions and thoughts hit me as I consider the source of inspiration for the art that I’m viewing.

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