At IntelliGenesis LLC, we are focused on the success of our customers’ missions. A key component of that success is derived from on-time, focused training on subjects that have the biggest impact toward accomplishing that mission. We provide highly technical training on topics that span the full spectrum of Computer Network Operations (offensive and defensive), Data Science with a focus on creative and critical thinking, exploratory data analysis and data visualization. We also offer a unique approach to providing customers with real-time tradecraft development and propagation through direct mentoring that goes beyond typical on-the-job training.

  • “IntelliGenesis instructors were able to apply real world scenarios and exercises to concepts within the course for a mission relevant learning experience to effectively engage and prepare students for application of concepts in support of mission operations.”

  • “In addition to creating material and instructing classes, IntelliGenesis staff trained and certified over 300 Government and military personnel to become adjunct instructors reducing the cost to the government of providing training worldwide.”

Specialized Courses

Our firsthand training experience has taught us there is a distinct difference between technical ability and mission readiness. Candidates can be skillful and qualified for the job, however, still be missing critical insight into their mission and real-world operational practices. For that reason, IntelliGenesis offers specialized Mission and Technical training courses developed in-house by our own NCU-accredited Trainers and Subject Matter Experts, leveraging our IGNUITY™ course development process. We work directly with customers to understand their educational needs and develop customized training packages that help analysts, developers, and engineers increase their operational capabilities and readiness. Not only do we offer training on tools and techniques, but our Instructors also utilize their extensive mission experience to apply classroom lessons to real-world use cases that students will ultimately face, resulting in well-rounded, operationally-ready mission personnel.

Examples of our Specialized Training Curricula:

Applied Data Science – Open-source tools and techniques relevant to real-world data science scenarios within the focus areas of the Data Science Lifecycle, Foundations in the Python Language and Supporting Libraries for Analysis and Visualization, Data Processing and Management, Machine Learning and Model Selection, and Operationalizing Analytics.

Intro to Python for Applied Data Science – Basic Python syntax, APIs and Data Gathering/Grooming, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Data Visualization.

Intro to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) – Overview of ICS/IoT capabilities and trends, IoT effects on Cyberspace Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Operational Preparation of the Environment (OPE), and Operating and Defending the networks against IoT Threat Vectors.

Threat Hunting with Jupyter – In this class, we will cover basic Python scripting syntax to gather, transform, and explore data. We’ll also process log files so that Indicators of Compromise (IoC) can be investigated. Then, we’ll output findings in data visualizations through the use of Python libraries like Matplotlib and Pandas and html based forced directed graphs. 

Malware Analysis – Today’s network admins and network security practitioners of all levels must have an understanding of how these threats are developed and how they function. In this session we will look at and put in to practice some basic malware awareness and analysis techniques. This will prepare you to be better at defending your networks, devices, employees and customers from further exploitation and damage when you encounter a malware threat.

CTFs, Platforms & Ranges

IntelliGenesis provides a state-of-the-art cyber range that supports training and research. This is not your typical static range, but rather a complex virtual world combined with physical assets to answer the call for a converged environment of IT and OT capabilities. Our cyber range also provides the capability for tailored Capture the Flag events that can be ran onsite or virtually.

Industry-Standard Certification Courses

IntelliGenesis has forged partnerships with other industry and commercial leaders to offer licensed training and certification courses that prepare students to take the next step in their career!

We offer regularly scheduled classes as well as the option to develop custom training plans that suit your workforce’s specific needs. Courses can be delivered in-person at your location, virtually, or at our in-house training lab. We provide all the required course materials and certified instructors with years of direct mission experience to provide the instruction.

CompTIA Security+ – Best practices in hands-on troubleshooting, ensuring students have practical security problem-solving skills.

CompTIA Data+ – Technical skills in analysis and visualization of data concepts and environments, data mining, data analysis, visualization, data governance, quality, and controls.

Security Onion Basic Course – Best practices in installing, operating, maintaining, and using Security Onion in operational networks for intrusion detection, network security monitoring, and log management.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Courses:
Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA Python
Fundamentals of Accelerated Data Science with Rapids

Past Performance

  • XXXXXX-XX-D-0005 (Prime)

    Key Tasks: Training Planning, Development, and Delivery; Training Material Development; Testing & JQS Evaluation

    IntelliGenesis provided highly experienced subject matter experts to develop and deliver comprehensive training programs for a wide variety of analysis, data science, and threat intelligence specialties. IntelliGenesis provided training services to Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, and other locations as needed to expand the skills and tradecraft of the Intelligence Community, whether civilian, contractor, government, or military. Our Instructors all have direct mission experience in their fields and incorporated hands-on, scenario-based training and tailored mentoring to familiarize students with the daily application of classroom materials within their own mission spaces.

  • XXXXXX-XX-D-0039 (Prime)

    Key Tasks: Training Design, Development, and Instruction; Curriculum and Material Development

    IntelliGenesis instructors designed, developed, implemented, and instructed a variety of courses with the overall goal of increasing student proficiency in end-to-end SIGINT production. Our Instructors, comprised of industry experts with years of firsthand mission experience, contributed direct insight on intelligence tradecraft and its application to real world scenarios. Our courses utilized standardized adult learning principles and incorporated a variety of classroom-based, technology-based, hands-on, and scenario-based learning styles to produce students with a comprehensive understanding of intelligence tradecraft.


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