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Technology, Engineering & Internal Research and Development (IRAD)

IntelliGenesis’ IG Labs Division creates advanced cyber and data science solutions while driving research and development into cutting-edge new capabilities that demonstrate “The Art of the Possible”.  

Our experts deliver forward-thinking holistic products that advance our customers’ capabilities and enable defenders to stay ahead of adversaries’ technological advancements. IG Labs provides extensive resources and expertise in a hands-on environment that transforms our customers and partners into the next generation influencers of change. We also build and maintain partnerships with industry leaders in the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), and Machine Learning (ML) arenas to provide users and customers with the latest commercial tools and tradecraft. 

IG Labs primarily focuses on two pillars—Artificial Intelligence and Cyber. We further break these areas down into four cross-domain stacks that influence and advance each other: AI/Deep Learning, Advanced Analytics Development, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Defensive Cyber Solutions.  

Developers working in our state-of-the-art IG Labs facility have the tools and freedom to create inspired applications that solve complex problems and advance the mission in new ways. Our cutting-edge VR/AR, 3D Printing, and Cyber-Physical technologies enable new approaches to old problems. After an initial solution is developed, we always follow up with the question, “What if we couldn’t do it that way?” which forces developers to change their thinking and come up with new ideas they wouldn’t normally consider. Often, parts of the secondary discussion are integrated with the initial solution to develop an even better final design. 

AI/Deep Learning

IntelliGenesis’ mission-focused AI approach leverages the full spectrum of cutting-edge tools and methods to provide solutions tailored specifically to the problems they are trying to solve. Aided by our NVIDIA Deep Learning Pod, our solutions produce real mission outcomes—from Suicide Prevention to Cyber Threat Attribution, and Covid Intervention to Intelligence Analysis, our AI makes a difference to our customers. 

Unsupervised Learning techniques such as clustering and collaborative filtering help us find answers amidst the unknown while Supervised Learning models enable predictive analysis and classification through complex neural networks and random forests. 

IG Labs experts have a deep understanding of the full breadth of hardware and software needed to develop and execute AI/ML/DL operations, which allows us to remain unbiased and platform-agnostic. We can rapidly develop and deliver new capabilities while providing customers the flexibility to work within their current frameworks or provide a recommended ecosystem to meet any level of mission need. 

Advanced Analytics

Our Analysts and Developers continuously create innovative cyber analytics and data science capabilities that enable our customers to discover big data’s previously unrealized value. We engage with customers and users to analyze current systems/processes, improve data assets, and increase analysts’ speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

Our capabilities enable amalgamation of multi-source intelligence which provides supported organizations with a complete picture of adversarial strengths and weaknesses, mitigation or collection opportunities, and threat identification capabilities. IntelliGenesis also has experience performing rapid response prototyping and tool development to meet our customers’ critical, real-time mission needs. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Thinking outside the box is a common theme across many organizations but, here in IG Labs, we EXPAND the box through our development of reality-enhancing capabilities. From Digital Twins to Immersive Data Analytics Environments (IDEA), we design and implement custom technologies that increase our customer’s capabilities and drive mission success.  

Our virtual reality capabilities allow us to emulate complex real-world ICS/SCADA systems to provide users a greater understanding of critical infrastructure’s combined cyber-physical risks and their defenses. IG Labs also offers a fabrication lab where users can model, create, assemble, and disassemble 3D ICS hardware to understand the inner workings of the devices as well as integrate them into digital twins for a complete understanding of the environment they are discovering or defending from cyber threats.  

Our Immersive Data Analytics Environment is designed to immerse analysts of all types into their data and allow them to visualize and produce intelligence in a completely new dimension. This approach compresses the analytic cycle and fosters innovative data aggregation to aid analytics development and intelligence production. 

Defensive Cyber Solutions

Our IRAD team develops customized solutions to support our customers’ missions and strengthen our national security through disruptive technological advances. We don’t just seek to incrementally improve the status quo, we shift perspectives by truly understanding the mission, our customers’ needs, and creating the next generation in warfighting technology. This insight comes from a powerful combination of developers working hand-in-hand with subject matter experts, each with decades of direct mission experience.  

Cyber Threats innovate and adopt new technologies and techniques in near-real-time, allowing them to employ new tactics against targets spanning traditional enterprise IT systems to critical infrastructure that could threaten the daily lives of millions. IG Labs is founded on gaining and maintaining the high ground advantage in Artificial Intelligence and Full Spectrum Operations. 

Past Performance

  • XXXXXX-XX-C-0350 (Prime)

    Key Tasks: Analytic Platform Development; Predictive Analytics; Big Data Analysis

    On this contract, IntelliGenesis performed platform and analytics development for social media big data analysis to produce forensic models and predictive capabilities for threat actors’ cyberspace behaviors. Our developers applied data science techniques like clustering and collaborative filtering to identify Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and attribute their specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), then make predictions as to what TTPs an APT may use next. IntelliGenesis designed and developed the full analytic platform including backbone analytics, user interface, and a custom Attacker Search database feature to help users like cyber operators immediately identify known attackers.

  • XXXXXX-XX-R-0399

    Key Tasks: Analytic Development; Intelligence Fusion; Big Data Analysis

    Under this contract, IntelliGenesis delivered cutting-edge analytics and data science capabilities enabling our customers to discover big data’s previously unrealized value. Our Analysts generated an amalgamation of multi-source intelligence to discover, develop, and disseminate actionable intelligence and situational awareness critical to ensuring cybersecurity and warfighter protection. IntelliGenesis developed cyber analytics to enhance network analysis and tradecraft involved in Computer Network Exploitation at the physical, logical, and cyber-persona levels, and we engaged with stakeholders to analyze processes and improve data assets, which increased analytic efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness across multiple missions and target sets.

  • XXXXXX-XX-C-1375

    Key Tasks: Agile Application Development; Cloud Platform Migration; Advanced Analytics; Training

    IntelliGenesis performed full lifecycle development of an advanced analytic tool used by thousands of analysts to provide mission critical 24/7 support during multiple operational deployments in response to real world national security events. Our Developers enabled the contract to parse, ingest, and enrich data sources, perform data analysis, and automate analytic services to transform data into more usable, actionable intelligence. IntelliGenesis also provided full database and systems administration support on this contract and supported the migration of the entire system and data repositories to a cloud environment


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