Author: Wayne Bye

Bluetooth Implants: A Threat to User Privacy?

Whether it is Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, or Garmin, new wearable Bluetooth technology devices are constantly joining the market. Tracking everything from step count, distance traveled, and heart rate, even a basic cardiogram has been built into wearables as capabilities have advanced. As a result, it has become more convenient for people to track more of their routines such as diet and exercise since wearables communicate directly with apps on their phones, tablets, and computers. The advances have also made it easier to share this data with family, friends and, more importantly, their physicians to set goals for improving one’s health.

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The Talking Dead: A Gateway to Scams?

Scams by text and email, as well as data breaches, have become a regular part of our daily lives. Often, we make ourselves vulnerable by sharing personal information. Whether it is for shopping online or home automation, we open ourselves up to vulnerabilities on a regular basis. In June, Amazon announced a project that, while may be well-intentioned, may present yet another way for people to be taken advantage of.

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