Angie Lienert Joined NVIDIA GTC Panel on AI

IntelliGenesis CEO, Angie Lienert, joined a panel discussion for the NVIDIA GTC 22 Conference – “The Importance of AI in Defensive Cybersecurity.”  

The NVIDIA GTC conference, a 4-day technical conference focused on technological discovery, is the largest developer conference for those in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The entire conference took place virtually and included panel discussions, demos, and workshops on everything from cybersecurity to creativity . The conference focused on cutting-edge technology and the latest groundbreaking research helping the world combat the biggest challenges.

On March 23rd, Angie participated in a discussion on the constantly-evolving digital world, including the biggest threats facing organizations today and the need for continued exploration of new methodologies. Among those approaches is the utilization of Data Science, Predictive AI, and Immersive Visualization as strategies to mitigate potential threats. The impacts of these threats are wide-ranging—global supply chain disruption, ransomware attacks, industrial sabotage— and current real-world events make this panel discussion even more important. 

Angie has guided IntelliGenesis’ Research and Development efforts to create cutting-edge Defensive Cybersecurity solutions for both the Federal and Commercial markets. By bringing together a diverse combination of cybersecurity subject matter experts and AI practitioners, IntelliGenesis has produced innovative tools and methods that are applied at all stages of the cyber kill chain to defend the nation’s most critical cyber resources. Through Angie’s leadership, IntelliGenesis has solidified its position as a trusted leader in Cybersecurity analysis and operations. 

The full list of panelists included: 

Anthony Robbins, Vice President of Public Sector, NVIDIA 

Thomas Dietterich, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University 

Joshua Saxe, Chief Scientist, Sophos 

Angie Lienert, President & CEO, IntelliGenesis, LLC 

The panelists offered their best practices, tools, and procedures for protecting businesses from current, and future, threats, no matter their industry. 

Thank you everyone that tuned in! We look forward to the next discussion!

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