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At IG Labs, we encourage innovation and greater cyber protection by exposing our customers and teammates to the latest leading-edge technologies and tradecraft. Our partnerships with other industry leaders allow us to introduce IG Labs users to the most advanced capabilities within artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, cyber operations, and critical infrastructure protection.

Our goal is to move users from a just-in-time understanding of cybersecurity to a forward-thinking mindset that keeps defenders ahead of the curve. IG Labs provides extensive resources and expertise in a hands-on lab environment to make our users into next-generation influencers of change.


The rapid evolution of today’s technologies requires a new kind of cyber environment—one that simultaneously builds users’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to keep pace with new capabilities.


IG Labs implements a wide variety of technological capabilities, from deep learning and AI to critical infrastructure and cyber operations. Users are encouraged to push the boundaries of existing technologies to discover, explore, and build innovative new capabilities.

& Foundation

At IG Labs, we focus on three foundational pillars: Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Cyber Operations (Offensive and Defensive), and Critical Infrastructure Protection. We enable creativity, innovation, and advanced development that expand user capabilities, grow industry understanding, and generate new solutions for our customers.


IG Labs was designed to provide cyber professionals of all skill levels with an environment and the necessary technology to foster new, innovative solutions and next-generation tradecraft advancements. IG Labs personnel are experts in their field and available to help users pursue new discoveries, at the edge and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence &
Deep Learning

  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment to put your ideas to the test

  • Process, Analyze, and Discover the untapped potential of your data and analytics

  • Leverage on-site mentors to help you build and refine advanced analytics

  • Advance your capabilities with tailored training for all skill levels

Offensive/ Defensive Cyber Operations

  • Access cyber ranges in-person or virtually

  • Engage in our custom training scenarios that mimic real-world events

  • Customize cyber operations to replicate your own environment

  • Explore multi-dimensional perspectives on cyber operations, including both IT and OT-based environments

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • In-person or virtual hands-on learning in the
    Cy-Phy Lab

  • Use a simulated environment to attack, defend, and discover

  • Access the fabrication lab to 3D model hardware and collaborate with others in your industry

  • Assemble and disassemble critical infrastructure equipment to understand the inner workings of these devices

IG Labs is a division of intelligenesis LLC


Maryland Headquarters
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Columbia, MD 21046 USA

Georgia Office
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Augusta, GA 30901 USA

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