National Security Cyber Training

Spatial Thinking for Analysts

This is a 2-day (16 hour) classroom  course that introduces basic spatial thinking skills and concepts identified and defined by the American Association of Geographers (AAG). First, spatial thinking skills are introduced in a non-SIGINT context. Next, using a structured analytic workflow and plan, students apply the spatial thinking skills to SIGINT location data in order to support propositions about movement patterns and spatial behavior during the guided exercise which is based on a real-world scenario.

Intermediate Protocol Analysis

This course demonstrates some general protocol analysis techniques, covers a variety of features that are common to many protocols, and describes some of the frequently observed protocols and protocol suites. The course provides instruction to: Recognize 1Pv4 and locate and describe the function of all its fields – Identify a TCP handshake and know how to process TCP/IP packets into sessions – Identify the basic format used in Frame Relay, defragment Frame Relay protocols and extract voice from Frame Relay packets – Recognize common characteristics of Microsoft networking communications – Recognize and describe a variety of protocols in the PPP suite – Find the framing in Serial Protocols and diagnose their protocol structure.

Experimental Data Science

The purpose of this course is to train data scientists that there is more to data science than statistical correlation. Correlation is not enough to prove causation. In this course, the data scientist is taught when experimental data science techniques could be useful, how they differ from linear correlation, and how one can use ANOVA and MANOVA statistical methods to help prove causation (not just mere correlation).


Structured Analytic Techniques for Intelligence

This course is designed to deepen the tradecraft skills of the IC’s analytic corps, advance the profession of intelligence analysis, and meet the tradecraft training needs of experienced officers, particularly those aspiring to leadership roles. This course is part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s (ODNI) Intelligence Community (IC) Advanced Analyst Program (ICAAP) which is designed to deepen the tradecraft skills of the IC’s analytic corps and advance the profession of intelligence analysis.




Data Science for Intelligence Analysts

Designed to help analysts engage effectively with data scientists and take lead responsibility for ensuring that data science outcomes address mission needs, the course presents data science techniques and examples to support this goal. Successful data science projects require iterative collaboration between analysts and data scientists, from problem formulation through reporting of results.


Critical Thinking and Structured Analysis

This analytic techniques course focuses on critical thinking and structured methods for organizing and analyzing mostly non-quantitative data to produce analytic judgments.








Highly Skilled Experts Across a Wide Range of Cyber, Data Science, Signals Intelligence, And Threat Intelligence.

At IntelliGenesis LLC, we are focused on the success of our customers’ missions. A key component of that success is derived from on-time, focused training on subjects that have the biggest impact toward accomplishing that mission. We provide highly technical training on topics that span the full spectrum of Computer Network Operations (offensive and defensive), Data Science with a focus on creative and critical thinking, exploratory data analysis and data visualization.

 We also offer a unique approach to providing customers with real time tradecraft development and propagation through direct mentoring that goes beyond typical on-the-job training.

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Past Performance

XXXXXX-XX-D-0005 (Prime)

Key Tasks: Training Planning, Development, and Delivery; Training Material Development; Testing & JQS Evaluation

IntelliGenesis provided highly experienced subject matter experts to develop and deliver comprehensive training programs for a wide variety of analysis, data science, and threat intelligence specialties. IntelliGenesis provided training services to Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, and other locations as needed to expand the skills and tradecraft of the Intelligence Community, whether civilian, contractor, government, or military. Our Instructors all have direct mission experience in their fields and incorporated hands-on, scenario-based training and tailored mentoring to familiarize students with the daily application of classroom materials within their own mission spaces.


XXXXXX-XX-D-0039# (Prime)

Key Tasks: Training Design, Development, and Instruction; Curriculum and Material Development

IntelliGenesis instructors designed, developed, implemented, and instructed a variety of courses with the overall goal of increasing student proficiency in end-to-end SIGINT production. Our Instructors, comprised of industry experts with years of firsthand mission experience, contributed direct insight on intelligence tradecraft and its application to real world scenarios. IntelliGenesis worked with customers to identify training needs and tailor curriculum, course materials, and mentoring activities to meet student learning requirements, their evolving missions, and emerging technology/tradecraft advancements. Our courses utilized standardized adult learning principles and incorporated a variety of classroom-based, technology-based, hands-on, and scenario-based learning styles to produce students with a comprehensive understanding of intelligence tradecraft.


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