Intelligence Analysis

Our Analysts are Experts in Their Fields

IntelliGenesis performs a wide variety of intelligence analysis in parallel with the collection efforts of several Government Agencies and Military Services. We understand and leverage the holistic mission of past, present, and future activities of our adversaries and provide actionable intelligence to decision makers and warfighters. Our Analysts are experts in their fields spanning multiple intelligence disciplines including Human, Geospatial, Open Source, Signals, Technical, Metadata, Digital Network, and Financial analysis. Our analysts are cross-functional and understand the development process to enable them to perform python scripting and other automation functions to enhance the analytic tradecraft.

IntelliGenesis Analysts perform SIGDEV functions to discover and map target networks and provide an understanding of their architecture, operations, and protocols for further exploitation.

Intelligence Analysis

  • DNI, DNR, Metadata analysis, Traffic analysis, Operations research, Target development/profiling, Collection, Collection management, Geolocation, Social network analysis, Imagery analysis
  • Our analysts are adept at scripting in Python and other languages to automate and improve their data analysis capabilities and accuracy; Cross-functional feedback and development
  • Support and enable Computer Network Operations: attack, defense, exploitation

Language Analysis

  • Translation; Transcription; Reporting
  • Interagency Language Roundtable qualified
  • Prominent languages and niche dialects from some of the world’s worst trouble spots
  • IntelliGenesis performs language analysis services to translate, transcribe, and report on foreign language intelligence to flag suspicious target information for further analysis. Our Analysts are highly skilled, with most possessing 3/3 DLPT scores and Associates Degrees from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC).

Past Performance

XXXXXX-XX-F-1665 (Prime)

Key Tasks: All-Source Intelligence Analysis; Cyber Fusion; Intelligence Reporting

IntelliGenesis cyber threat Analysts used a dual-axis Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) approach to counter cyber threat actors and determine their intent, capabilities, access to targets, and tactics, techniques, and procedures. Our threat assessments of current and emerging cyber attacks delivered comprehensive intelligence reporting and timely warnings used to inform decision-making at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.


Key Tasks: Intelligence Analysis; Analytics Development & Scripting; Computer Network Operations

IntelliGenesis Analysts and Computer Scientists provided operational and analytical data services to advance computer network operations in support of numerous global mission areas.


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