Scammer, Beware: Potential Census Vulnerabilities

2020 is well upon us and marks some significant events for us across the nation. Not only is it an election year, but this year brings about the 24th National Census. This iteration of the Census is also significant, as it is the first to be conducted with the option to respond online as well as by phone or mail. The Census Bureau has been hard at work to ensure the protection of our personal information, but that does not stop scammers from attempting to take advantage of this opportunity. This event could be very lucrative for scammers using both technological and social engineering-based attacks.

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Windows 7 End of Life (EOL)

After over 10 years since it’s release, on January 14, 2020, Microsoft Windows 7 finally hit its “end of life”, a point that all software eventually reaches. Once a version of Windows finally reaches end of life, it means Microsoft has stopped providing patches and security updates to consumers. This is significant because, although your computer will continue to run fine, for a PC at least, each passing day puts you more and more at risk.

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IntelliGenesis is Using AI to Predict Cyber Attacks

IntelliGenesis is collaborating with the University of Buffalo on Rialto, an innovative cyber security project for the Navy. Rialto is a tool that predicts future behavior of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) based on their past attacks and attacks of similar threats. APTs use a variety of methods to disrupt and destroy cyber operations of their targets.

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Do You Trust Your Ears?

Speaking as someone who has received a phone call from their CEO, you typically do what the boss says and ask questions later. That’s exactly what the CEO of a UK-based energy firm did when the CEO of his parent company called. Directed to transfer send $243,000 to one of their suppliers within the hour. He complied. Later that day the CEO called back again and for a second payment. This time he hesitated because something seemed wrong. And he was right.

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