IntelliGenesis Unleashes KrakenAI™; A new Generative AI Tool to Augment Cyber Operations

IntelliGenesis Unleashes KrakenAI™

KrakenAI™: A new Generative AI Tool to Augment Cyber Operations

IntelliGenesis LLC’s IG Labs Division announced today the launch of their newest capability, KrakenAI™, a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) large language model (LLM) solution specifically designed for the defensive and offensive cyberspace domain. It is a transformer-based model that incorporates advanced text generation techniques, distributed computing, and a custom scoring system to provide accurate and relevant responses, making it a revolutionary approach to augmenting cyber operators with Generative AI (GAI) capabilities.

KrakenAI™ aligns with IntelliGenesis’ mission-focused core values as well as the Department of Defense (DoD) roadmap to rapidly implement and adopt AI applications across warfighter cyber missions. In addition, IG Labs GAI capability directly supports the recent Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) Task Force Lima initiative to assess, synchronize, and employ AI capabilities across DoD. KrakenAI™ leads the way to help redefine how industry and government deploy GAI and LLM cutting edge technologies to address DoD’s critical warfighter needs.

Since 2021, IG Labs has expanded its collaboration with NVIDIA, enabling IG Labs developers and AI engineers to bolster the development and deployment of its capabilities into commercial and government customers, businesses, and missions. Today, the IntelliGenesis and NVIDIA partnership is targeting a range of deployments for KrakenAI™, from small-scale edge devices to enterprise Data Center solutions, both on-prem and cloud based. Across the spectrum of this scale, the IG team ensures each KrakenAI™ deployment is optimized for its designated mission need, whether it is defensive or offensive cyber operations.

IntelliGenesis sets itself apart from other competitors in the GAI space by focusing on data. IG Labs data scientists are utilizing smart data pipelines to clean, tag, label, and prepare raw data to improve the quality and knowledge of KrakenAI™. KrakenAI™ can then help augment defensive and offensive cyber operations by providing accurate and refined query responses. IntelliGenesis’ unique GAI approach, coupled with its expansive Cyber and AI expertise, will provide a proactive approach to augmenting cyber operations.

Key Features:

1. Distributed Computing: By harnessing the power of distributed computing, KrakenAI™ utilizes multiple Graphical Processing Units (GPU) for lightning-fast model predictions. This significantly enhances the speed and efficiency of the application, ensuring rapid responses to user queries.

2. Session Management: Introducing an innovative session management system, KrakenAI™ offers heightened security and flexibility. With the ability to store vast amounts of data for each user experience, KrakenAI™ provides seamless and personalized interaction.

3. Data Persistence and Caching: KrakenAI™ incorporates data persistence and caching which stores previously generated responses to enhance application speed and pave the way for user-generated question mining.

4. Advanced Text Generation Techniques: KrakenAI™ boasts state-of-the-art text generation techniques.

Through careful manipulation of mathematical responses, KrakenAI™ achieves increased diversity and randomness, resulting in better and more relevant results over time.

KrakenAI™ is not just based on general data. It is trained on a diverse mix of datasets including:

  • Cognitive Augmentation for Cybersecurity Analysts: KrakenAI™ serves as an extended brain to cybersecurity analysts. Rather than acting as a separate tool that independently identifies threats, it complements and boosts the analytical capabilities of the analysts.
  • Providing real-time insights, KrakenAI™ enables analysts to focus on strategic decision-making rather than manual data crunching.
  • KrakenAI™ can be ‘micronized’ to fit into smaller technology stacks. This makes it adaptable and flexible.
  • It can function efficiently in constrained environments.

IntelliGenesis LLC is a Columbia, Maryland-based Veteran- and Woman-owned small business, primarily known for its analytics development, AI/Machine Learning (ML), and training services in support of DoD and Intelligence Community customers since 2007.

IG Labs opened for innovation in October 2021 and invested internally into expanding its Cyber AI/ML services and to develop cutting-edge, AI-based capabilities for customers. A benefit of the Cyber AI/ML Center of Excellence has been guiding partners through the art of the possible with AI, ML, and Deep Learning (DL) to take on opportunities like developing products and delivering an AI-enabled cybersecurity platform that enables users with no prior experience to operate defensively in adversarial environments.

For over 16 years, IntelliGenesis has designed, developed, and implemented AI services in the DoD and across the Intelligence Community to include neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, hidden Markov models, structured and unstructured models, clustering, and custom algorithms. This mission-focused core is what sets IntelliGenesis apart from its competitors. As a small, agile company that is an expert in Data Science, Cyber, and AI, IntelliGenesis is always looking to partner with Government and industry to strengthen national security cyberspace capabilities.

IntelliGenesis partnered with Aerospace Village to present KrakenAI™ at DEFCON 31 in Las Vegas and will also be at Armed Forces Communications & Electronic Association (AFCEA) TechNet Augusta, instructing an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute class, Fundamentals of Accelerated Data Science, as well as on hand to demonstrate other capabilities like KrakenAI™.

Contact IntelliGenesis today to explore how KrakenAI™ can revolutionize your cyberspace operations with state-of-the-art AI capabilities!


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