The Perfect Language

Written By: An IntelliGenesis Senior Software Engineer

Back in the early days of programming, programmers had few choices when it came to programming languages. Times have certainly changed. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Spectrum regularly ranks the top languages, and in 2017, they ranked the top 48 languages based on popularity. The languages ranged from Python in the number one spot, to ActionScript (a version of Flash) taking the number forty-eight spot.

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Certificates and Security

Written By: An IntelliGenesis Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

Most of us, at some point in the last few years, have done some online shopping… and by “most of us,” I mean “all of us” and by “last few years,” I mean “the last 24 hours” and by “some,” I mean “a lot.” That out of the way, it’s probably a safe bet that very few, if any, of us have ever had our credit card information stolen because of online shopping.

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Cyber Threats to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

Written By: An IntelliGenesis Cybersecurity Analyst

Many of us took some time last month to cheer on the red, white, and blue as American athletes competed on the world stage. We felt a huge sense of pride as they donned old glory in victory during the 2018 Winter Olympics, hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Historically, the Olympics have been the venue for hosting countries to showcase just how advanced they are with technology. Nearly 10 years ago, China used the 2008 Summer Olympics to boast how technologically advanced the China Next Generation Internet (CNGI) network was with its use of IPv6 during the games.

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Meet the Team: Mary Anne Harasim

Mary Anne Harasim, Director of Extended Enterprise, Augusta, GA Office

IntelliGenesis is made up of a tight-knit team of the best in the business. Our experts are skilled, intelligent, devoted to the mission…and always ready for a little fun. In our Meet the Team blog series, we’re proud to introduce you to our people!

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has rapidly come to prominence in the last few years. At its simplest, it is using a device to project something computer-generated into the real world. It’s not replacing the real world as virtual reality does. There are two primary types of AR devices. There are wearable devices which depend on the human to wear them, and by detecting what the human is sensing it creates additional graphics, sounds, etc. The second type is an AR projector. This is a device that projects light into the real world in such a way that anyone nearby can see it.

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