IntelliGenesis LLC announces IG Labs Expansion

IntelliGenesis LLC, a Columbia-based Veteran-Owned and Woman-Owned Small Business,
unveiled their operational, new hands-on lab environment yesterday in a ribbon cutting
ceremony with Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger.

This expansion space is known as IntelliGenesis Labs (IG Labs) which applies advanced technologies, methodologies, and operational expertise in three foundational pillars: Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning, Cyber Operations (Offensive and Defensive) and Critical Infrastructure Protection. IG Labs enables customers, partners, and its employees to foster innovation and rapid development of solutions in an immersive hands-on lab environment while enhancing their technical skills and tradecraft

IG Labs provides a different approach to solving problems in an ever-changing technological
world. The facility was designed to provide cyber professionals of all skill levels with an
environment and the necessary technology to foster new, innovative solutions and nextgeneration
tradecraft advancements. Users can access this hands-on environment physically or
virtually and have access to large data sets, state-of-the-art graphic processing units (GPU),
simulated environments, subject matter experts, new technologies, and maker/developer lab
space. The goal of IG Labs is to provide access to cutting-edge technology, mentorship, and
collaboration to enable “discovery at the edge.”

Deep Learning AI and Data Lab
• Develop, build, and innovate
• Process, analyze, and discover
• Advance tradecraft with training from foundational to intermediate levels
• Build analytics with access to on-site mentorship

Cyber-Physical (Cy-Phy) and Fabrication Lab
• Attend in-person or virtual Hands-on learning in the Cy-Phy Lab
• Use a simulated environment to attack, defend, and discover
• Utilize a fabrication lab with 3D model hardware
• Assemble and disassemble critical infrastructure equipment

CyberOps Training Lab
• Access cyber ranges virtually or in-person
• Engage in our scenarios that mimic real-world events
• Customize cyber operations to replicate a desired environment
• Gain multi-dimensional perspectives on Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations to
include both IT and OT based environments

IntelliGenesis LLC provides critical mission-focused services in the areas of Offensive and
Defensive Cyber Services; Data Science, Machine Learning, and Decision-Making Analytics;
Cybersecurity Training; Intelligence Analysis; and Intelligence Solutions Engineering to
improve and advance DoD tradecraft and ultimately support the warfighter.

In addition to its services, IntelliGenesis LLC invests in Internal Research and Development (IR&D), primarily in critical mission-gapped areas. Over the past three (3) years, IR&D investment in cybersecurity technologies and initiatives related to IoT, industrial IoT, and ICS has resulted in advanced tools, capabilities, and tradecraft that are then applied across the many contract offerings held by the

“We are so excited to add IG Labs to our showcase our technologies, skills, and innovation. This
is the first of our lab expansion plans…coming next is Augusta, GA, followed by San Antonio,
TX. We look forward to the innovation, technologies, and new start-up opportunities that IG
Labs will provide our communities.” – Angie Lienert, IntelliGenesis President & CEO


Maryland Headquarters
6950 Columbia Gateway Drive,
Suite 450 
Columbia, MD 21046 USA

Georgia Office
100 Grace Hopper Lane,
Suite 3700
Augusta, GA 30901 USA

Texas Office
3331 General Hudnell Dr,
Suite 3
San Antonio, TX 78226 USA

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