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CybatiWorks™ Educational Platform Overview

Who should attend or use our Critical Infrastructure and Control System cybersecurity course?
The class establishes both a high-level understanding of Control System cybersecurity and deep dive
analysis of vulnerabilities, exploits and mitigating controls valuable to a wide-range of professionals,
whether directly in the field or responsible for compliance. The class also dives into a great deal of
real-world cybersecurity applications and satisfies those who need or want to understand the
inner-workings of the systems as well as the programming behind industrial automation.

Therefore, the class is applicable to:

• Security personnel whose job involves assessing, deploying, or securing control system
components, communications and operations
• Programmers, network and system administrators supporting control systems
• Process engineers and field technicians
• Operations and plant management personnel
• Control System hardware, software and integrator vendor personnel
• Penetration testers
• NERC CIP, DHS CFATS, IEC 62443 and other Auditors who need to build deeper technical skills
• Computer emergency response teams
• Universities and Community Colleges

What material is covered during the four course days?

• Brief history of critical infrastructure and control systems
• Control system risk management (Threats, Vulnerabilities and Exploits)
• Surveying your attack surface; fingerprinting control system components, performing OSINT and
communications analysis inside your organization
• Introduction to programmable logic controllers, function block diagrams, ladder logic, points/tags,
communications and OLE for process control (OPC) / Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming
• Sensor and actuator design analysis using customizable I/O control system trainer units
• Performing physical-cyber-operational assessments and penetration tests
• Hardware hacking networks and technician PLC/PAC USB cables and more within control systems
• Analyze small-scale mock control system environments (i.e. Traffic Light)
• AB PCCC, Ethernet/IP, DNP3, IEC Variants, ICCP, Modbus communication protocol overview, analysis
and fuzzing
• Control system cyber asset and communication protocol exploit analysis and development
• Integrating and monitoring layered operational, cyber and physical controls
• Simulated control system red team / blue team exercise

CybatiWorks™ Mini Kit Components

• Raspberry PI with case and USB power
• CybatiWorks™ Expandable I/O Circuit Board
• USB Ethernet adapter with 2 port hub and cabling
• USB flash adapter, Micro SD card and USB flash storage
• CybatiWorks-1 VMWare® Virtual Machine file
• Raspberry PI image file
• 5 Traffic Light LED circuit boards (one spare)
• 40 pin ribbon cable
• Quick Setup Guide

Other kits are also available – Industrial Edition, Power Grid, Manufacturing

Hands-On Critical Infrastructure and Control System Cybersecurity Course

• Roadmap and Overview
• Course Ethics and General Security Awareness
• Critical Infrastructure Control System Cybersecurity Background

· Brief History of Critical Infrastructure and Control Systems
· Risk Management (Threats, Vulnerabilities and Exploits)
· Laboratory: Training Kit Orientation and Setup

• Control System Cyber Architecture and Device Programming

· Control System Cyber Architecture Components
· Programmable Logic Controllers, Ladder Logic, Points and OPC/HMI
· Laboratory: Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, Logic, Communications and OLE
for Process Control (OPC) / Human Machine Interface (HMI) Programming

• Cyber Asset Vulnerability Assessments

· Case Study Review and Analysis
· ICS-CERT Vulnerability Notification Review and Analysis
· Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
· Cyber, Physical and Operational Security Assessments
· Cyber Toolsets
· Laboratory: PLC Vulnerability Assessments
· Laboratory: Analyze and develop control system oriented Metasploit modules
· Laboratory: Mock Environment Analysis (e.g. Power Grid, Traffic Lights)

• Automation Technologies Attack Surface and Mitigations

· Programmable Logic Controller Analysis
· Mitigating Controls
· Laboratory: Blackbox Network Discovery
· Analyzing Control System IEDs
· Laboratory: Applied Vulnerability Security Analysis

• OLE for Process Control / Human Machine Interface Attack Surface and Mitigations

· OPC / HMI Analysis
· Mitigating Controls
· Laboratory: OPC/HMI Exploit Analysis and Control

• Communications Attack Surface and Mitigations

· General Communications Protocol Analysis
· AB PCCC, DNP3, IEC Variants, and Modbus Specific Protocol Analysis
· Vulnerabilities and Exploits
· Analyzing Wireless in Control Systems
· Mitigating Controls
· Laboratory: Communications Exploit Analysis and Control
· Laboratory: Protocol Spoofing and Fuzzing
· Laboratory: Communications Visualization

• Integrated Defense in Depth Security Controls

· Layered Operational, Cyber and Physical Controls
· Forensics and attribution in control systems
· Performing Physical-Cyber-Operational Assessments and Penetration Tests
· Laboratory: Integrated Security Preparedness
· Situation Awareness and Incident Response
· Laboratory: Control System Environment Attack and Defend