IntelliGenesis LLC acquires CybatiWorks™

COLUMBIA, MD, February 1st, 2021

IntelliGenesis LLC, a Columbia-based, Veteran-Owned, and Woman-Owned Small Business, announced today the acquisition of Illinois-based Cybati, an innovator in cyber-physical security and inventor of CybatiWorks™. The combination of IntelliGenesis’ national security expertise and credentials with Cybati’s exceptional pedigree in the cyber-physical threat sector will provide strengthened capabilities in cybersecurity defenses for critical infrastructure.

By utilizing the updated CybatiWorks™ training platform, IntelliGenesis will be able to expand on and further defend national security missions across U.S. Government agencies while also serving the commercial market. Importantly, this acquisition underscores the urgency of raising national awareness of the necessary critical skills to provide cybersecurity countermeasures.

At the same time, existing partnerships with IntelliGenesis and Cybati, such as DreamPort, the, the SANS Institute, and DoE National Laboratories will benefit from current and future capabilities of CybatiWorks™ to rapidly develop models of their own unique and specific environments for research and applied education. These include remotely accessible, hybrid cyber-physical emulation incorporating “hardware-in-the-loop” in models using difficult to emulate firmware, logic controllers, sensors, and actuators.

”The addition of Cybati allows IntelliGenesis to offer a unique combination of mission experience and technical expertise that is consistent with our belief in the important role that cybersecurity plays in critical infrastructure,” said Angie Lienert, IntelliGenesis President and CEO. “It is our mission to increase industry awareness and help develop the training and tradecraft skills necessary to protect, defend, and empower the DoD, DoE, other Government Agencies, and commercial partners. As our networks evolve, so must our approach to protecting and defending them.”

Matt Luallen, Owner and Executive Inventor at Cybati will transition to IntellliGenesis as the Chief Executive Inventor (CIE). In his new role, Mr. Luallen will lead the company in further developing and expanding our training services to enhance the understanding of the cyber-physical threats the world faces today and how to defend against them. Mr. Luallen will also continue his active mentoring and partnerships with government, commercial, and academia companies focused on securing our national critical infrastructure.

“The needs of our customers to have a well-educated workforce to secure today and protect our future drove this exciting decision to combine forces with IntelliGenesis’ amazing team,” added Mr. Luallen. “Our combined effort will serve our customer base with the evolutionary CybatiWorks™ platform which now incorporates hardware-in-the-loop leveraging our cyber-physical data center.”

Education, Training, and Research with CybatiWorks™ Hybrid Cyber-Physical Emulation:

  • Includes software-defined networking, protocols, and radios combined with physical hardware to provide real scenarios
  • Incorporates system elements such as the Power Grid, Pipeline, Manufacturing, Traffic Management, Maritime, Avionics and Aeronautics, Weapon Systems, and Physical Security
  • Utilizes “hardware-in-the-loop” located within our Cyber-Physical Data Center
  • Expands upon our existing offering of Traffic Management, Power Grid and Manufacturing mini kits
  • Supports greater understanding of combined cyber-physical risks and defenses
  • Expedites rapid development and modeling traditionally difficult to emulate

About IntelliGenesis

IntelliGenesis LLC provides critical mission-focused services in the areas of Offensive and Defensive Cyber Services; Data Science, Machine Learning, and Decision-Making Analytics; Cybersecurity Training; Intelligence Analysis; and Intelligence Solutions Engineering to improve and advance DoD tradecraft and ultimately support the warfighter. In addition to its services, IntelliGenesis LLC invests in Internal Research and Development (IR&D), primarily in critical mission-gapped areas. Over the past three (3) years, R&D investment in cybersecurity technologies and initiatives related to IoT, industrial IoT, and ICS has resulted in advanced tools, capabilities, and tradecraft that are then applied across the many contract offerings held by the company.

About Cybati

Over the past 11 years, Cybati has provided training and consulting services to commercial, academic, and governmental customers in the U.S. and overseas. Cybati’s training solutions provide students with the skills and resources to build, break, secure, and make networks in a cyber-physical training setting then apply their knowledge to full-scale industrial environments. The courses highlight and focus on varied cyber concepts supporting the essential functions of life such as medical, water, shelter, electricity, transportation, health, and food sectors.


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