Intelligence Solution Engineering

IntelliGenesis develops intelligence solutions for the most complex problems facing our partners.


Big data is overwhelming even for the largest organizations. IntelliGenesis automates manually-intensive processes with smart algorithms.

  • Data Analytics
  • Trend Analysis
  • Data Cleansing
  • Augmentation and Enrichment
  • Report Generation
  • Visualization

Automating the tedious tasks saves our customers time, resources, and reduces the risk of data entry errors. This leads to increased productivity and insight driving their mission success.

Customer Focused

Our customers’ needs are rapidly changing and evolving to meet the challenges of our adversaries. We work hand-in-hand with them to develop and deploy solutions that perfectly meet their needs.


We utilize modern agile software development and DevOps processes to ensure code quality, reusability, and adaptability. This enables us to remain flexible and react to changing requirements while still producing well-tested, repeatable deliverables.

Past Performance


Key Tasks: Agile Application Development; Cloud Platform Migration; Advanced Analytics; Training

IntelliGenesis performed full lifecycle development of an advanced analytic tool used by thousands of analysts to provide mission critical 24/7 support during multiple operational deployments in response to real world national security events. Our Developers enabled the contract to parse, ingest, and enrich data sources, perform data analysis, and automate analytic services to transform data into more usable, actionable intelligence. IntelliGenesis also provided full database and systems administration support on this contract and supported the migration of the entire system and data repositories to a cloud environment.



Key Tasks: Application Development; Cloud Platform Development; System Administration; Database Administration

IntelliGenesis personnel designed, maintained, and enhanced operational databases and systems. Our personnel were responsible for system design activities including creating the server layout (storage/services) for demo/test environments and providing insight on hardware requirements including the number of servers needed to adequately support the workload and load balancing across the entire system. Configuration of the demo/test environment included installation, configuration, and monitoring of the application services on the network. IntelliGenesis supported system and technology conversions to improve system efficiencies, performance, and reliability. We updated server-side technologies to create a lighter-weight, more reliable application and integrated client-certification based security for webservers.

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