• Past Performance

Over the past 10 years, IntelliGenesis has supported a wide breadth of contracts focused in our core areas of Mission Application Development, Cyber Services & Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Science, and All Source Analysis. We have performed as both a Prime and Subcontractor and are adept at meeting dynamic requirements for all corporate, contract, management staffing, and operational components of Government contracts.

Cage Code: 4QLA5

DUNS Number: 793224366


Contract Number: XXXXXX-XX-C-1375

Key Tasks: Agile Application Development, Cloud Platform Migration, Advanced Analytics, Training

On this contract, IntelliGenesis performed full lifecycle development for an advanced analytic tool used by thousands of analysts across the globe. Over our 7 years on contract, IntelliGenesis managed multiple TTOs, employees, and countless contract deliverables to provide mission critical 24/7 support during multiple operational deployments and in response to realworld national security events. Our personnel have enabled the contract to parse, ingest, and enrich data sources, perform data analysis, develop analytic tradecraft, and automate analytic services to transform data into more usable, actionable intelligence. We have provided full database and systems administration support on this contract and supported the migration of the entire system and data repositories to a cloud environment. Our personnel also included SME Instructors who designed, developed, and maintained NCS accredited training across multiple platforms to support the entire user base.

Contract Number: XXXXXX-XX-C-1429

Key Tasks: Intelligence Analysis, Advanced Analytics, Computer Network Operations, Agile Development & Scripting

Under this contract, IntelliGenesis’ Analysts and Computer Scientists provide operational and analytical data services to support numerous global mission areas and to advance offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. Our personnel perform SIGINT, SIGDEV, and Target Digital Network Analysis to evaluate target systems, map networks using DNI, DNR, and social network analysis, then identify gaps and weaknesses in the system to divulge valuable information for system and network exploitation. Our analysts, knowledgeable in computer network operations, are cross-functional with the development realm and have aided in the research and development of new analytics that have been recognized by the customer as significant contributors to the development of innovative tools and techniques.

Contract Number: XXXXXX-XX-D-0042

Key Tasks: Application Development, Cloud Platform Development, System Administration, Database Administration

Under this contract, IntelliGenesis personnel designed, maintained, and enhanced operational databases and systems. Our personnel were responsible for system design activities including creating the server layout (storage/services) for the demo/test environment and providing insight on hardware requirements including the number of servers needed to adequately support the workload and load balancing of processing across the entire system. Configuration of the demo/test environment included installation, configuration, and monitoring of the application services on the network and our personnel also performed systems analysis evaluating the performance of new applications, conducting database tuning, assessing processor memory overload, and mapping server disk space and partition space for optimal performance. IntelliGenesis supported system and technology conversion to improve system efficiencies, performance and reliability. We updated server-side technologies to create a lighter-weight, more reliable application and integrated client-certification based security for webservers.

Our NAICS Codes

517919- All Other Telecommunications

518210- Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

519130- Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals

519190- All Other Information Services

541511- Custom Computer Programming Services

541512- Computer Services Design Services

541513- Computer Facilities Management Services

541519- Other Computer Related Services

541715- Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology)

561611- Investigation Services

561621- Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)

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