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Mission Application Development

IntelliGenesis provides full lifecycle application development services to create custom from-scratch GOTS products that are purpose built to solve our customers’ complex data challenges. Our Developers and Engineers are experts in the latest technologies, programming languages, and techniques for developing scalable tools and platforms that are powerful, lean, and built with ease of integration and sustainment in mind. We are able to convert high-level customer requirements into targeted tools that not only serve their overall purpose, but are also intuitive for users and the strategic ways they perform their duties within the platform. Our products are often built to accommodate multiple data types from various sources and are scalable to handle extremely large data sets, as are becoming the norm in the age of metadata.

We are experts in the design, development, and sustainment of mission critical systems using an Agile, Scrum based, methodology deeply rooted in Configuration Management (CM) best practices. This ensures that the services and tools provided improve speed, precision, and performance; are fully traceable to requirements received from our wide customer base; and are secure—developed using consistent, well tested industry and Government best practices. We are Government trusted partners selected to pilot and implement Enterprise practices, managing the first project to implement NSAWay and the first project to migrate to GovCloud.

Our Developers and Engineers possess a wide range of education, certifications, and credentials within their fields of expertise, including certifications from: Cloudera, Hadoop, SCRUM, and J2EE.

Development Capabilities

  • Requirements capture; Feasibility Studies; Trade-off analysis, Project Scheduling & Budgeting, Resource Acquisition and Allocation, Iterative Customer Input/Interaction; Architecture/Framework; Data Agnosticism or Tailored Data Ingestion;
  • Agile and SCRUM development techniques
  • Windows, Linux, Unix Operating Systems
  • C/C++, HTML/XML/HTTP/CSS, Java (JavaScript, JMS, JEXL, JEE, ), SQL/MySQL/NoSQL, Python, Perl, .NET, PHP, Ruby/Ruby on Rails programming languages
  • Prototyping and Integration
  • Test plan design/development, Test environment development, Test automation development, Unit testing, integration/interoperability testing, load testing, failover testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, Peer review

Need A Custom Service?

We also tailor our services to fulfill specific customer requests.

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