• Cyber Services & Analytics

On the Frontlines of the Cyber Battlefield

IntelliGenesis Cyber Experts and Analysts work on the frontlines of the cyber battlefield to analyze systems and networks to discover and document vulnerabilities for exploitation or reinforcement. Our analysts and engineers have extensive experience detecting incoming threats then performing cyber forensics and reverse engineering to identify and understand various forms of viruses, malware, and other cyber attacks that threaten critical systems and data.

Our efforts serve to test friendly systems and develop advanced intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and other system fortifications; we also discover and map adversary systems to support and enable computer network attack and exploitation. We perform continuous monitoring services and develop new analytics to automate and enhance threat detection against the latest and most complex attacks, both internal and external to the systems.

Our subject matter experts are highly trained and most possess one or more certifications in their field of expertise, including CEH, CISSP and Digital Forensic Examiner.


Digital Network Intelligence

  • Discovery, mapping, and exploitation of systems and networks
  • Network discovery & mapping/topology; Vulnerability/gap analysis; Traffic Analysis; SIGINT/SIGDEV Network exploitation; Data extraction; Intrusion detection & forensics

Alert and attribute malicious Cyber Activity and Enable Computer Network Operations (CNO)

  • Network & Vulnerability Analysis; Threat Analysis and Reporting; Network & Forensic Analysis
  • Malicious Code Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • Research, analysis, and reporting on CNO probes and attacks
  • Incident Response; Quick Reaction Capabilities to respond to realworld events

Cyber Analytics

  • Anomaly Detection Development & Automation
  • System security analysis, fortification, and compliance review
  • Scripting; Custom analytics for threat discovery; network traffic analysis & host-based data collection; Monitoring & analysis automation


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