• Federal Services

What We Do

Comprehensive cyber, data science, analysis, and software development services that provide tailored, secure, and efficient solutions for your critical data and intelligence needs. IntelliGenesis delivers the skills and personnel you need on contract with the agility and reliability that only a small but experienced corporate structure can provide.

IntelliGenesis is a premier provider of personnel, tools, and technologies currently supporting more than 20 Federal contracts within the Intelligence Community.

Mission Application Development

  • Design, development, testing, and integration of analytic software
  • Scalable enterprise tools, cloud hosting, distributed computing, and legacy system modernization
  • System administration, troubleshooting, and backup & recovery planning

Cyber ServicesĀ & Analytics

  • Discovery, mapping, and exploitation of target systems for Digital Network Intelligence
  • System security analyses, fortification, and compliance reviews
  • Computer Network Operations, Defense, and Exploitation support

Machine Learning & Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence integration to automate manual tasks
  • High volume data processing platforms integrating data enrichment, correlation, and cross-domain aggregation
  • Autonomous capabilities for entity disambiguation, natural language understanding, and analysis of geolocation, temporal constructs, and sentiment data

All SourceĀ Analysis

  • SIGINT analysis and SIGDEV source acquisition
  • Security gap analysis, malware and intrusion detection, forensic analysis, and reverse engineering
  • Language analysis including translation, transcription, and reporting



Our Differentiators

IntelliGenesis is a Woman-Owned and Veteran-Owned Small Business that possesses both a large workforce (and standing pipeline of candidates) yet the agility to quickly respond to dynamic mission requirements. Most of our employees are veterans and we understand the importance of each mission and the downrange effects that our efforts have on soldiers in the field. We strive to provide the most valuable skills, technologies, and experience to support our customers’ most complex data, security, and analysis efforts, so to that end, we promote cross-functionality within our workforce. Our personnel and technologies bridge the gaps between development and the operational community to enrich tradecraft with in-depth domain understanding.


Our Successful Past

For over ten years, IntelliGenesis has been a trusted provider of fully cleared and qualified personnel to dozens of distinct Government contracts.

Past Performance