CybatiWorks™ Cyber-Physical Data Center

As convergence between IT and OT technical environments rapidly continues, the CybatiWorks™ Cyber-Physical Data Center provides a scalable and secure environment for development, awareness, and training. Whether hosted on-premise or virtually through our custom solutions, we provide industrial asset owners, operators, and partners the solutions they need to better protect our national industrial control system environments from cybersecurity threats, thereby reducing risks and providing proactive defense.


  • Scripted attack and defense scenarios to educate the participant about attacks such as network, process, and personnel Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) scenarios

  • Includes software-defined networking, protocols, and radios combined with physical hardware to provide real scenarios

  • Virtual access to the CybatiWorks™ Mini Kits (Traffic, Power Grid ,and Manufacturing)

  • Supports greater understanding of combined cyber-physical risks and defenses

  • Red Team, Blue Team, Pentesting and Black Box Skills Development Environments and Supporting Infrastructure for honing Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP).
  • Virtual access to the CybatiWorks™ Mission Station supporting dedicated mission cards for specific learning objectives

  • Incorporates system elements such as the Power Grid, Pipeline, Manufacturing, Traffic Management, Maritime, Avionics and Aeronautics, Weapon Systems, and Physical Security

  • Utilizes hard to emulate “hardware-in-the-loop” located within our Cyber-Physical Data Center

  • Expedites rapid development and modeling traditionally difficult to emulate

Industrial Edition

Traffic Light Control

Power Grid


Past Performance


Key Tasks: Cyber-physical model and scenario development for the DoE CyberForce competition; CybatiWorks™ platform enhancements

Under the Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) program, CybatiWorks developed a cybersecurity training program for energy delivery systems that targets energy sector professionals, college and high school students. The program greatly simplified the training constraints of a physical laboratory setup, cyber-engineering demonstration, and simulated scenario needed for users to build, break, and secure control systems by using kinetic models, software-defined networking, and virtualized industrial devices. As part of this contract award, CybatiWorks™ also developed power grid, natural gas extraction, and pipeline units used within the DoE CyberForce competition.


Cyber-Physical CTF Competition

Key Tasks: Cyber-physical model and scenario development; design and support the complete architecture connecting individuals and geographically-dispersed teams to geographically-dispersed cyber-physical data centers; Invent due to COVID-19

CybatiWorks™ collaboratively developed and operated with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University a cyber-physical Capture-The-Flag (CTF) scenario for the Aerospace Village and Aviation ISAC requiring teams of geographically dispersed individuals performing cybersecurity operations against geographically dispersed cyber-physical systems. COVID-19 dictated the need to provide teams of at-home individuals with private access to geographically-dispersed cyber-physical models to perform cybersecurity skills assessment. We successfully invented the CybatiWorks™ cyber-physical data center to meet the need for remotely-accessible training resources and system emulations.

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