CybatiWorks™ Training Solutions

The CybatiWorks™ Training Solution and platform provides a hands-on, detailed view and understanding of cyber architecture, attacks, and defense of critical infrastructure including the Power Grid, Pipeline, Manufacturing, Traffic Management, Maritime, Avionics and Aeronautics, Weapon Systems, and Physical Security. Our courses highlight and focus on varied cyber concepts supporting the essential functions of life such as medical, water, shelter, electricity, transportation, health and food.



You are a professional seeking cyber-physical security education onDemand or onsite.

Who should attend our CybatiWorks™ control system cybersecurity course?
  • Security personnel whose job involves assessing, deploying, or securing control system components, communications, and operations
  • Programmers, network and system administrators supporting control systems
  • Process engineers, and field technicians
  • Operations and plant management personnel
  • Control System vendor personnel
  • Penetration testers
  • NERC CIP, DHS CFATS and other auditors who need to build deeper technical skills
  • Cyber emergency response teams
What topics are covered in the course?
  • Learn ladder logic and associated element cyber-physical risks
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests
  • Protective physical, operational, and cyber controls
  • Limiting ports and services to only those necessary
  • Situational awareness and response
  • Open source intelligence
  • Communications protocol analysis
  • Sensor, actuator, and logic analysis
What knowledge will you gain?
  • Introduction to programmable logic controllers, function block diagrams, ladder logic, communications, and OLE for process control (OPC) / Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming
  • Security Assessments of ICS Devices (PLCs, PACs, RTUs, MTUs, other embedded devices)
  • Reviewing and analyzing CERT and ICS-CERT vulnerability notifications through the establishment of a vulnerability assessment process
  • Control analysis using physical and simulated control system scenarios (CybatiWorks™ Traffic, Power Grid, and Manufacturing Mini Kits)
  • Industrial communication protocol analysis

Applied Research

Applied Research

You want to perform cybersecurity research and development for cyber-physical systems.

Who should be interested in the CybatiWorks™ research platform?
  • Vendors and integrators seeking a research environment for new products and capabilities
  • Government agencies seeking risk awareness regarding specific tailored OT systems
  • Entities seeking solutions to model elements of their current cyber-physical OT environment
What types of research can be accelerated?
  • Behavior modeling of tailored elements (e.g. protocols, sensors, actuators, logic, firmware) within OT cyber-physical systems
  • Device (e.g. security control, data analysis) impact and capability within OT environments
  • Custom applications utilizing the hybrid cyber-physical data center of the CybatiWorks™ platform



You are a professor or student seeking cyber-physical security education.

How can CybatiWorks™ be incorporated into degree programs?
  • Bulk classroom purchase agreements for an entire classroom of students
  • CybatiWorks™ hybrid solution providing students with access to the cyber-physical data center
  • DOE CyberForce competition preparation
What research topics will support the CybatiWorks™ platform?

We are always seeking new researchers to help support the continuous improvement of the CybatiWorks™ platform.  We encourage you to reach out to us regarding current topics of interest. Past research topics have included cybersecurity analysis of HMI development, protocols, quantum encryption, wizard design, and specific hardware analysis.

Training Solutions That Make Sense

Our solutions were designed so that participants with varying levels of cybersecurity skills could ethically hack, proactively defend, and understand the elements of our control systems. This course will help the participants figuratively and literally get their hands around the challenges of protecting local and geographically-dispersed cyber-physical elements.

Download the CybatiWorks™ Training Syllabus Overview

CybatiWorks Critical Infrastructure and
Control System Cybersecurity

CybatiWorks Introduction to Cyber Physical Security

CybatiWorks Cyber Physical Security Mini Capstone Team Based Workshop

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Past Performance

Strategic National Resource

Key Tasks: Multi-site system overview and vulnerability analysis; tailored support personnel control system cybersecurity education

CybatiWorks™ performed a multi-site assessment and vulnerability analysis of the strategic national resource. The facility walk-through and technical review provided the customer with an understanding of their current control system cybersecurity risks. The assessment indicated rogue privileged access and missing OT events within the data historian. The facility overview also provided the CybatiWorks™ team with the ability to tailor the cybersecurity educational offering for the customer’s specific operational risks.


Government Agencies and Commercial Entities

Key Tasks: Hands-on, combined discipline engineering and cybersecurity personnel control system cybersecurity training; Red Team / Blue Team cyber-physical exercise

CybatiWorks™ provided combined training for highly skilled engineering and cybersecurity operations participants within a European military unit. The hands-on education covered both offensive and defensive Operational Technology (OT) cyber operations to actively manage critical assets. All participants completed the CybatiWorks™ control system cybersecurity curriculum. The event concluded with four teams actively engaging in staged offensive and defensive operations associated with modeled control system targets.

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