• Application Development

Full Lifecycle  Development Services

IntelliGenesis also offers custom application and analytics development to suit your data processing needs. As one of our core capabilities, we have over a decade of experience and the technical expertise to build applications, databases, data parsers, and analytics that enhance and automate data processing capabilities with the integration of advanced analytics and machine learning/data science techniques. Our intelligence analysis software has revolutionized how businesses sifts through large volumes of data and our innovations continually help analysts and data scientists deliver more actionable information and insights.

Development Capabilities

  • Requirements capture; Feasibility Studies; Trade-off analysis, Project Scheduling & Budgeting, Resource Acquisition and Allocation, Iterative Customer Input/Interaction; Architecture/Framework; Data Agnosticism or Tailored Data Ingestion
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall methods
  • Windows, Linux, Unix Operating Systems
  • C/C++, HTML/XML/HTTP/CSS, Java (JavaScript, JMS, JEXL, JEE, ), SQL/MySQL/NoSQL, Python, Perl, .NET, PHP, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, and Shell programming languages
  • Prototyping
  • Test/test plan design/development, Test environment development, Test automation development, Unit testing, integration/interoperability testing, load testing, failover testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, Peer review


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We also tailor our services to fulfill specific customer requests.

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