• Machine Learning and Data Science

Automation and Optimization Services

IntelliGenesis focuses heavily on emerging technologies utilizing machine learning and AI to enhance and automate data processing capabilities. Our advancements provide customers the ability to collect, normalize, and process data from disparate sources with scalable platforms that apply human logic to understand the content and produce valuable, organized output.

Our industry expertise and insight from Internal Research and Development (IRAD) efforts have led to creative solutions that decrease the time, labor, and resources associated with traditional manual data processing.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies improve the way we analyze and interpret data types like social network processing and language analysis by understanding human-spoken and written content and the nuances of human speech. Our analytics are able to understand obscured or missing references to geolocation and time that previously only a human reader would infer, and thus enrich the input data into a more holistic view of what the contributor is trying to communicate.

Our Genetic Algorithms and Data Obfuscation efforts aim to leverage the massive computing power available in today’s marketplace to create security solutions that make network intrusion and data theft more complicated and time consuming for attackers.

Our analytic scripting and Entity Disambiguation advancements aid in the collection and analysis of large data sets by automating various facets of collection and filtering, as well as compiling and clarifying incomplete data of the same type or topic.

Data Science & Analytics Services

  • Automation of manual tasks and configuration; Scripting; Collection Scripting; Collection Tuning
  • Natural Language Processing; Neural Networks; Genetic algorithms; Data Obfuscation; Entity Disambiguation; Inference/Prediction engines


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