• Cyber Services

Forensics as a Service (FaaS)

Our FaaS offerings are an innovative new way to understand, analyze, and fortify your corporate data systems to protect against unauthorized access, malicious attacks, and the eventual loss of sensitive data. Our system and network traffic analyses are minimally invasive to everyday business, only requiring an initial consultation to understand your overall business goals, quantify the business requirements leveed against your current network infrastructure, and begin our automated analysis of your system. From there, our advanced forensic analytics and a hands-on investigation by our expert Cyber Analysts deliver a Summary Report to give you a snapshot of the health and security of your system. Based on the Summary Report, IntelliGenesis Analysts can create a customized solution to address optimization of your system, fortification of any security gaps that could potentially become a liability, and remediation of any existing threats within or attempting to access your system.


The unique value that our Forensics as a Service brings to your business is the ability to perform a full cyber investigation of your system BEFORE an incident occurs. Unfortunately, most cyber attack victims are unaware of their vulnerability until after an incident, once they are already in the middle of a costly investigation, remediation, or data recovery process. IntelliGenesis offers the opportunity to perform preventative analyses that fits your schedule and is vastly cheaper than calling for emergency remediations in response to a breach.

  • System Security Analysis & Network Traffic Analysis

    • Host-based analysis
    • Gap and vulnerability analysis
    • Bandwidth usage/utilization
    • System, event, and user activity log audits
  • Cyber Forensics

    • Intrusion detection via custom analytics
    • Virus/malware quarantine and removal
    • Virus/malware analysis and reverse engineering
  • Summary Report

    • Health of network
    • The who, what, when, and where of your network
    • How network infrastructure and traffic compare against your business goals and policies
  • Compliance Review (NIST 800-171 Services)



Incident Response

IntelliGenesis Cyber Analysts are available for 24/7 incident response to immediately halt ongoing attacks and help restore your system back to its operational baseline. Our analysts are experts at disrupting the kill chain, identifying if and what system components, files, and data have been affected, repairing the vulnerabilities that led to the incident, and performing data recovery services to restore the system.

  • Rapid analysis and containment services to identify attackers and reduce exposure
  • ¬†Answers how it got there, what caused the incident, where it accessed the system, and what data was involved
  • Flexibility to analyze Windows/Mac OS X, workstations/laptops, servers, routers, printers, phones, and other devices, as well as ICS/SCADA system components
  • Data recovery and repair of magnetic hard drives and SSDs
  • System and Data backup planning services and machine imaging
  • Cyber Analyst experts with a wide range of certifications– CE|H, CISSP, Digital Forensic Examiner



Forensics Training Lab

IntelliGenesis now operates a Forensic Training Lab at our Headquarters Office that contains the latest equipment, supplies, tools, and materials to facilitate training programs and hands-on education in the cyber forensics field. We currently provide two training programs aimed at enhancing the existing skills of IT professionals at all levels. Our Training Lab also includes both classified and unclassified environments to give students realistic scenarios and representative data types they will encounter in their professional lives.

Cyber Forensics Methodology & Tradecraft

  • Incident Response
  • Network Analysis
  • Cyber Forensics Techniques
  • Malware Analysis
  • Analytic Tools and Resources

Security Awareness for Business

Our Security Awareness for Business courses teach corporate IT professionals how to maintain the health and compliance of their system, enforce basic security configurations, and train users in the best practices for security awareness. Students will learn how to recognize and prepare for common phishing, ransomware, and other attacks, as well as how to minimize the exposure of sensitive, proprietary, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through common public-facing outlets.

  • Corporate Security Best Practices
  • Privacy and Configuration of Social Media and Websites
  • Recognition, Prevention, and Recovery from Phishing, Ransomeware, and other Malicious Threats

Industrial Control Systems (ICS)/ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Our ICS/SCADA training program is designed to approach cyber security and forensics from the perspective of industrial controls and sensors within standalone, aging, or otherwise vulnerable controller systems. Students will learn how to perform incident response on specialized systems including the roles of various components and host-based analyses. They will also cover the unique connectivity and defense of critical infrastructure and manufacturing systems.

  • Incident Response
  • Sensor, Controller, Database, and System Forensics
  • Physical, Logical, and Electronic Access Control


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