Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations

Whether you need to defend your network or understand how to pursue those attacking it, IntelliGenesis has highly skilled and experienced Analysts that can help solve your most challenging problems.

Key Skills and Capabilities
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Analysis

  • Computer and Network Forensics

  • Malware Analysis and Triage

  • Binary Reverse Engineering

  • Computer Network Exploitation (CNE)

  • Post Exploitation Remediation
  • Attack Mitigation Methodology
  • Reporting and Collaboration

Defensive Cyber Operations

Our highly skilled Analysts provide initial detection, triage, and reverse engineering of advanced malware as well as identification of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) associated with Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

Whether the threat comes from automated scripts or targeted nation-state campaign, our ability to quickly identify which risk the threat is targeting, if that risk is a vulnerability, and if so, how best to protect against it is paramount to the security of any organization.  The efforts of IntelliGenesis cyber security Analysts provide commercial and government entities with mitigations against some of the most challenging threat actors and the malicious TTPs they use.

Skills IntelliGenesis Offers:

  • Computer Network Defense (CND) through in-depth knowledge of tools such as Splunk, Bro, The Elastic Stack, Security Onion, and Wireshark
  • Malware triage and analysis with debuggers, disassemblers, process explorers, and in-depth binary analysis in order to identify key attributes that can be signatured
  • Malicious code detection and mitigation using SSDeep, Yara, Snort, and similar tools

Offensive Cyber Operations

Offensive cyber operations help protect the nation against illicit and disruptive activities.  Whether from unattributed groups or Nations, the threat to American infrastructure and economy is real.

IntelliGenesis experts provide support to offensive cyber operations that impact national level interests and help provide intelligence on a range of foreign threats. Skills in Computer and Network Exploitation (CNE) as well as digital forensics and various routing protocols help enable our employees to pursue some of the most sophisticated target sets.

Skills IntelliGenesis Offers:

  • In-depth knowledge of networks and system administration in order to guide operations
  • Skills at penetration testing with Windows and Linux environments that involve initial access, privilege escalation, pivoting, and persistence
  • Understanding how to apply these skills to a national intelligence requirement
  • Ability to translate technical details to intelligence reports for high-level decision makers


Past Performance

XXXXXX-XX-F-1665 (Prime)

Key Tasks: Cyber Threat Analysis; Threat Intelligence Reporting; Cyber Exercise Planning

IntelliGenesis supported numerous real world operational cyber responses by providing a broad range of intelligence services to inform and enable leadership to make critical decisions in the defense of DoD networks. Our personnel performed technical intelligence analysis to identify emerging threats and determine their intent, capabilities, and tactics, techniques, and procedures. Our threat and intelligence assessments detailed potential vulnerabilities based on risk factors, technical configurations, or procedural deficiencies that make assets of interest or susceptible to adversarial activity. IntelliGenesis also performed cyber exercise planning to promote cyber operator readiness and proficiency across multiple organizations.



Key Tasks: Network Analysis; Network Intelligence Analysis; Signals Research and Target Development

IntelliGenesis performed metadata analysis and reporting of high-value data and networks in support of Information Operations for numerous organizations. Our Analysts supported nearly all aspects of the SIGINT mission within the three main functional areas: Network Analysis, Network Intelligence Analysis, and Signals Research and Target Development. We developed advanced cyber analytics to enhance network analysis and the tradecraft involved in Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) at the physical, logical, and cyber persona layers. Our Computer Scientists also performed extensive reverse engineering analysis against zero-day exploits to enable signature development, threat detection, and optimization of stakeholder cybersecurity efforts.

What We’re Working On

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