• Life at Intelligenesis

Working for IntelliGenesis

At IntelliGenesis, our leadership team is smart enough to hire the very best people, then get out of their way and let them do what they do best. We look for highly skilled and experienced candidates who not only succeed on contract, but also those who strive to keep learning, who enjoy being an active member of the IntelliGenesis family, and who value the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and the entire Intelligence Community.

In addition to all our great benefits, we enjoy recognizing employees for their contributions to the mission with Spot and Star Awards, employee lunches, and other bonuses to thank them for making IntelliGenesis the company that it is.

Hiring the Best

We source highly skilled and experienced candidates from various online job boards, job fairs and military transition events, and employee referrals to find employees who can succeed on contract and want to be an active part of growing both IntelliGenesis and Intelligence Community missions.

Encouraging Growth

We are committed to reinvesting in our employees through new training and educational programs, internal workshops and SCIF Dinners, and 100% reimbursement for higher education tuition. Our employees are our greatest resource so we strive to keep their skillsets current and to grow their operational capabilities.

Enabling Success

Our benefits are specifically designed to provide employees with the best healthcare, vacation time, retirement savings, technology, and assistance programs in the industry. We want to give employees peace of mind when it comes to the paperwork and logistics of life so that they only ever have to focus on the mission and their families.

Promoting Within

We strive to place employees into their best-fit contracts and regularly renegotiate LCAT and rate increases as employees acquire more skills and experience. We have a wide variety of cyber, development, data science, and analysis contracts to suit employees’ skillsets and professional interests.

Our Corporate Culture

See what makes us unique about how we run our company.

Culture & Values