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Our employees are the company’s greatest resources and we are dedicated to reinvesting in you and your skills. One of the ways we keep employees constantly growing and improving themselves is by offering multiple training tracks that are structured to direct employees to relevant training and certification programs in their field.

Employees expand their skillsets and proficiency and, in turn, we are able to regularly promote them to higher positions on contract.

Cyber Track

Employees in the Cyber Track will be able to understand network topology so they can perform mapping and exploitation from defensive and offensive perspectives. They will map networks from metadata, conduct network analysis and understand common communication protocols. They will be able to reverse engineer identified malware through a knowledge and understanding of scripting, as well as a general understanding of malware design, operation, and functionality. This knowledge will also provide the insight and capability to identify indicators of malicious activity and develop means to prevent and warn of the activity.

Skills: Troubleshooting, Mathematics, Telecommunications, Malware Design & Functionality

Tools: Agency analytic tools and databases, JavaScript, Python, Jupyter Notebook, GitLab


Discovery Analyst Track

Employees in the Discovery Analyst  Track will be able to research the communications structure of a target of interest and identify new sources of information within the ever-evolving telecommunications market space. They will be able to augment and enhance current capabilities and systems through application development and implementation as a means to optimize discovery, collection, and intelligence processing. They will be able to provide analytic support and recommendations to customers focused on leveraging the development of new exploitation capabilities against both known and newly identified targets.

Skills: Target Research, Metadata Analysis, Network Topology Research, Architectures and Protocols, Collection Systems & Operations, Processing & Exploitation

Tools: Current Agency analytic tools and databases


Analytics Software Development Track

Employees in the Analytics Software Development Track will be able to design and build systems that process large volumes of data by taking advantage of cloud systems and the extensive parallel processing potential they provide. They will be able to leverage their knowledge of programming languages, scripting, data normalization, and the analytical process to create tools and analytics that optimize the analysis of large batch and stream datasets. They will be able to design and develop data repositories that securely store, inventory, index, and query critical intelligence data.

Skills: Programming, Communication

Tools: Map/Reduce, Java, Pig

General Software Development Track

Employees in the General Software Development Track will be able to take a systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. They will be able to leverage their knowledge of programming languages, machine logic, and often Agile development principles to create new and improve existing software to fulfill customer and mission requirements. They will be able to design and build software, applications, and systems that securely interact with others over the web– whether user-driven (requiring the development of a user interface) or system-to-system processing (requiring development of an API for other developers to access).

Skills: Programming, Communication, Documentation, Design (system and artistic)

Tools: Java, Javascript, C/C++, Python, Apache Tomcat, Wildfly, ExtJS

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