Author: Lucas Arceneaux

Hacking: As Easy As 1…2…3…

It’s not hard to hack a computer, especially when security is not a priority for so many businesses out there. Look at any computer/network security focused website and pretty much every day you come across evidence of some hack being reported, most of the time well after the attackers have either stolen gigabytes of data, or in a lot of cases, encrypted it all and asked for a ransom. How does all of this happen with seemingly nothing done to deter criminals from continuing this lucrative business? Well, by being countries that have weak cybersecurity laws, for one. Another, criminals don’t have to be smart, they just have to be opportunistic… enter: Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS).

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Cybersecurity and Children: How to Keep Them Safe Online

When I was a kid, about the only thing I had to worry about when using a computer was dying of dysentery while playing Oregon Trail. The threats that face computer users today, especially children who are not aware of cybersecurity best practices, are far worse than not making it past the Rockies in a video game. We teach our children basic security aspects of using computers and laptops, but often don’t realize that something far more dangerous is lurking in their midst: smartphones. 

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Zerologon…Way More 1337 than Zero Cool

When a vulnerability hits 10 out of 10 on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), people pay attention and so should you. CVE-2020-1472 did just that–it hit a 10 and is dubbed the “perfect” exploit by Tara Seals, author at While this exploit requires network access to already be established, it allows an attacker to obtain the “keys to the kingdom,” a.k.a. Domain Admin. With domain admin credentials, an attacker can do pretty much whatever they want on that domain: create new accounts, delete accounts, turn off security services, crawl through the network and pilfer pretty much any and all data that is under the purview of that domain.

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Looking At The Past To Understand The Future

When the Hubble telescope took its infamous Deep Field photo, no one expected to find much of anything.  But instead of dark, empty space the Hubble returned one of the most astounding photos the world has ever seen and changed the way we look at the cosmos.  However, after the eXtreme Deep Field was released astronomers found something even more profound…

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