• Culture & Values

Our Culture & Purpose

IntelliGenesis is dedicated to supporting national security missions and our soldiers through quality intelligence products and highly skilled personnel to support a diverse set of federal and commercial missions. More than half of our employees are veterans and we understand the importance of providing timely, effective, and actionable intelligence and tools to the warfighter.

Our Values

Our corporate culture and the way we conduct business demonstrate four basic values that IntelliGenesis is built upon.


At IntelliGenesis, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in the way we conduct business, manage our missions, and support our employees. Upholding ethics and integrity is inherent to every mission we undertake and each employee is responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with the prescribed rules and practices within our Ethics Policy and Employee Handbook.

Over our 10 year history, IntelliGenesis continues to maintain compliance with all protocols concerning sensitive and classified information, DoD Directives, FISA regulations, NIST information security, and contract-specific directives in the performance of our missions. Our recruiting and staffing efforts support diversity and inclusion, and our staffing processes maintain compliance with all current Federal Employment Laws for hiring practices, compensation, and benefit offerings.

Our corporate leadership and HR Department maintain constant oversight of all business activities to ensure that our values, integrity, and performance are upheld in everything we do. We maintain open channels of communication and encourage our employees and customers to report any questions or concerns they may have so we can maintain ethical behavior and a culture of responsibility.



“Our reputation is everything–the source not only of our pride, but the backbone of our business.”

–Angie Lienert, President & CEO



Our Corporate and Community Partners

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